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Introduction to Wearing Parts of Charcoal Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-09-27
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Charcoal machines are a type of equipment commonly used in industrial manufacturing processes. So what are the wearable parts of charcoal machines and charcoal machines? Next, we will talk about the repair and requirements of the most wearable parts of charcoal machine equipment.
The most wearable parts of charcoal machine equipment are the propellers in the rod making machine, as well as the sleeves in the rod making machine and the heating coils in the rod making machine. These three parts are the most wearable.
1. Propeller: The rod machine propeller in the charcoal machine equipment requires the size to be suitable. Only the appropriate propeller can make the raw material extrusion. The propeller has spots, and the end face is small to be repaired. When repairing the thruster, use a wear-resistant electrode with a diameter of 5.0 or more to complete it at one time. After natural cooling, it is polished and polished to a smooth surface with a smooth surface.
2. Rod machine sleeve: The rod sleeve of the rod machine is far less worn than the propeller rod maker. The life of the sleeve is up to 3,000 hours. Regularly check the degree of wear and tear, and find that there are rust spots to be repaired in time. If there is a big pit, it is necessary to consider replacing the rod sleeve. Otherwise, the quality of the stick will be bad or not good at all. The size of the rod machine sleeve must be reasonable, wear-resistant and durable.
3. Heating coil: There are three heating coils, which are located above the sleeve of the rod making machine. The temperature of the sleeve is mainly controlled by temperature. The temperature of the rod should reach 260-300 degrees. Below this temperature, it will not work. If the current is too large or the current is unstable, the heating coil will not work properly and will affect the life of the heating coil.

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