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How does Charcoal Machine Equipment Produce Qualified Mechanism Charcoal

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How charcoal machine equipment produces qualified mechanism charcoal is a problem that every investor who invests in the charcoal machine industry has a relationship with. Only by producing qualified mechanism charcoal can it be sold to benefit the enterprise. How to produce qualified mechanism charcoal?

First of all, raw materials are very important. The raw materials to be produced must be carbon with high carbon content and high carbon content. The calorific value is high, easy to ignite and long burning time.

The second is to talk about the production process. In the process of production, it is necessary to ensure the size of the pulverized particles in the process of pulverization. If the granules are too large, it is necessary to carry out secondary pulverization, and the pulverized granules can meet the requirements. In the process of making a stick, it is easy to block the machine and make the machine inoperable. Drying is also very important. The humidity of the drying should be controlled. Only the humidity is up to standard. Only the semi-finished rods can be produced in the process of making the rod. In the process of making the rod, the temperature of the forming cylinder should be controlled, and the temperature reaches 350 degrees. Left and right, the rods produced will be qualified.

Finally, in the final step of production, that is, the process of carbonization, it must be noted that the inside of the carbonization furnace is tightly sealed to avoid air leakage, and the carbonization time is ensured for 8 to 12 hours to complete the carbonization.

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