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Which Kind of Raw Material is the Best for Mechanical Carbon?

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There are many raw materials that can be used for charcoal. Among many raw materials, which kind of raw material is used as the mechanism carbon for charcoal machine?

There are many raw materials for charcoal. In theory, as long as it is a material containing carbon, it is ok, but which material is more suitable for charcoal, but there is a lot of attention. Common charcoal raw materials sawdust, rice husk, melon skin, coconut shell, dregs, bamboo, walnut skin, branches, bark, trunk, wine residue, vinegar residue, furfural residue, peanut shell and various crop straw or hard Miscellaneous wood, nut shells, etc.

So which kind of raw material is the best mechanism for charcoal? The answer is: sawdust. Because the carbon content of sawdust is higher than that of common raw materials, the moisture content and density of raw materials are also relatively large. So the charcoal made is relatively best. The quality of charcoal made from other raw materials will not be worse. Basically, the quality is not too bad. Therefore, we should not excessively pursue the use of sawdust to make charcoal. Therefore, the manufacturer suggests that it is better to use the sawdust to make charcoal while adding some other raw materials for mixing production. However, we are here to remind our customers that straw, rice husks, leaves, etc. are the most unsatisfactory raw materials. Because the carbon removal rate is very low, the quality of the produced charcoal is not good. It is best not to use these raw materials.

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