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The Applications of Charcoal Machines in the Industry

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-10-17
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Charcoal machine is a kind of waste renewable energy fuel. Its calorific value is higher than similar materials. It is more than general coal, smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic, clean and hygienic. It can be widely used for heating. The international demand for barbecue food is very high. Industrially replace coal or heavy oil to burn boiler steam. It can also be used as a chemical raw material for advanced treatment of activated carbon, silicon carbide. Crystallization, carbon disulfide plant, mosquito repellent factory, explosives factory, copper processing plant, foundry, Raw materials.

Industrial applications:

1. for the smelting of high quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron. Carburizing agent 2. mechanical parts, improve the hardness of steel and the wear resistance of the surface of parts.

3. potassium nitrate, sulfur made of powder.

4. graphite can be used. As a solid lubricant, rotation cannot use a significant part of petroleum (graphite-lubricated plain bearings). Made of graphite electrodes.

5. active, more and more widely used applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other aspects. As a purification of chemical products, purify harmful substances in water and air, make a mask, and so on.

6. corn stalk, straw straw fuel rod mechanism charcoal, iodine 500mg / gclose to industrial activated carbon indicators, used for pollution control, can greatly reduce costs.

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Charcoal Machine

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