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How to Choose a High Quality Charcoal Machine?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-10-17
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The charcoal machine is a very important equipment in the mechanism of charcoal production. For the complete set of charcoal machine, if the quality of the charcoal rod machine is very good, it will drive the whole process of charcoal production, which will greatly increase the output and efficiency. The improvement, then how to judge the quality of charcoal rod machine? We have summarized the following points for you, and hope to give some help and reference to customers in need.

The first thing to look at is the bearing of the charcoal machine. The quality of the bearing will directly affect the production efficiency of the charcoal rod machine and the quality of the charcoal produced. In addition to the small factory production of bearing quality is not guaranteed, but also be careful not to buy counterfeit products.

Second, another factor that determines the quality of charcoal rod machine is the thickness of steel sheet. The panel of the charcoal rod machine, that is, the steel plate for the fixed bearing seat, the thickness of the steel plate must be greater than 8 mm, or a certain reinforcement measures are taken. If the steel plate is too thin, it is easily deformed, which will affect the quality of the charcoal rod making machine.

The last thing to pay attention to is the motor. If you want to buy a charcoal machine with high quality and low pwire recycle, you must see if the motor it uses is a product that is produced by a regular manufacturer and meets the national standard. The motor is refurbished and the national quality standard is not up to standard. The motors can not be used, because the copper enameled wire of these motors can not meet the rated current requirements of the charcoal machine, so it is easy to burn the motor or the driving force is insufficient, so that the life of the motor is shortened. It also affects the quality of the mechanism charcoal. The above are the three criteria for judging the quality of charcoal stick machines. If you master this knowledge, you will be able to buy a high-quality charcoal stick machine that you like.

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