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Different Carbonization Stages in the Charcoal Machine Production Line

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-10-17
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The carbonization furnace in the charcoal machine production line is the core equipment. The carbonization process of the carbonization furnace determines the quality and effect of charcoal. The carbonization process in the charcoal machine production line needs to go through three different temperature stages. The charring effect of the salary bar is different at three different temperature stages. Good carbonization marks the effect of charcoal mechanism charcoal.

1. In the drying temperature stage, the salary bar is sent to the carbonization furnace. From the start of the work to the temperature in the carbonization furnace rising to 160°, the moisture content inside the salary bar mainly depends on the external heating amount and the heat generated by the combustion itself to evaporate. Moisture, this will not change the composition of the salary bar, nor will it affect the quality of the salary bar.

2. After the drying of the salary bar in the initial stage of carbonization, the subsequent carbonization process is required. In this process, the carbonization of the salary bar mainly relies on its own combustion to generate heat, and the temperature in the furnace will rise to between 160-280 ° C. The high temperature will cause the decomposition of the internal materials of the salary bar, the composition of the structure changes, and the charcoal undergoes the initial carbonization stage.

3. After the initial carbonization of the salary bar in the comprehensive carbonization stage, as the temperature is higher and higher, after the temperature is upgraded to 300-650 °C, the material inside the salary bar will be rapidly decomposed. Under different functions, the raw materials such as salary bars will be Will form a dry distillation into charcoal, and charcoal will be produced.

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