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Too Much Ash Solution in the Production of Charcoal Machine Equipment

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In the production process of charcoal machine equipment, there are always some factors that will affect the use effect. This is because it often hinders the development of charcoal machine equipment. Therefore, in order to have better development of charcoal machine equipment, there must be a solution to the problem. A very important issue in the production of charcoal machine equipment is excessive ash.
(1) The ash content of the charcoal machine equipment is too high due to the temperature at the time of carbonization. The solution to this phenomenon is that if the carbonization process is too high, the carbon element will be linked to hydrogen and oxygen. Escape, so that the charcoal is relatively lighter, and the ash does not escape, which means that the ash content of the charcoal is relatively increased.
(2) The reason for this phenomenon is that the ash is too large due to the insufficient cleanness of the material. The first solution to the problem is to control the transportation process of the material and try to ensure that the material is not in the process of transportation. Pollution; together with the method of controlling the material.
(3) The excessive ash content of the material itself is also an important factor causing excessive ash. The method to solve this phenomenon is: for example, the ash content of rice husks, straws, weeds, etc. is relatively large, so do The amount of charcoal that comes out is relatively large. Generally speaking, the charcoal cannot be used in the barbecue occupation and can only be used in industry.

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