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There are "tricks" in e-waste Dealing Process

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With the intensification and frequent replacement of electronic products, the electronic wastes of various types of computers, mobile phones, household appliances, etc., which have been scrapped, are increasing tremendously. Since 2000, China has scrapped at least 5 million TV sets, 4 million refrigerators, 5 million washing machines, 5 million computers and tens of millions of mobile phones every year. These wastes generate more than 500 million tons of dangerous toxic waste each year and become a huge source of pollution. A report by the United Nations Environment Agency shows that by 2020, e-waste from computers in the Chinese market will grow by 400% compared to 2007, and e-waste from mobile phones will increase by 600%. E-waste contains rare metal elements, so it is necessary to recycle these e-wastes. More and more e-waste appears, so how to deal with these e-waste is a problem?
Circuit board recycling equipment has a "trick" in dealing with waste electronic waste. The equipment adopts dry crushing and crushing, making raw materials such as circuit boards into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then making the PCB board metal by high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment. Mixed powder with non-metal. The metal and non-metal are completely separated and collected by air separation technology. The entire process is implemented on a production line, fully enclosed and does not cause any pollution during production. The recovered metal copper and fiberglass can be reused. The output of the equipment is controllable. Both the purity of the recovered metal and the metal recovery rate reached over 98%. In terms of recycling process, circuit board recycling equipment abandoned the traditional metal extraction process, but adopted the new domestic physical mechanical separation technology, combined with electrostatic separation technology to completely separate the metal and non-metal of waste electronic waste. The advantage of this equipment is that it does not produce any pollution during the production process, does not cause human harm and environmental pollution, and also solves the problem that waste electronic waste is difficult to handle to some extent. The metal resources generated by the circuit board recycling equipment for processing electronic waste are unmatched by other mineral resources. In the future, the development of waste electronic waste metal recycling will become a trend. It is also a must to use equipment to dispose of waste electronic waste sorting metals.

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