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Scrap Trade Data For the Month of September 2018

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The scrap trade by various world countries reported mixed trend during the month of September this year.
The Turkish scrap imports have dropped significantly by nearly 39% over the previous year to total around 1.2 million tons of scrap in September 2018. The cumulative imports during the first nine months of the year totaled nearly 15.8 million tons, higher by 5.8% over the previous year. The single largest scrap supplying nation to Turkey was the U.S. The country supplied around 2.8 million tons of scrap, accounting for 17.6% of the total Turkish scrap imports.
Japan’s scrap imports have dropped by 11% year-on-year to total around 9,000 tons in September. During the initial nine months of the current year, Japan imported around 170,000 tons of scrap. The U.S. emerged as the topmost supplier, with supplies of nearly 80,000 tons, accounting for nearly 47% of the total Japanese imports. The Japanese scrap exports too dropped by 11% over the year to total around 620,000 in Sep ’18. The combined exports totaled around 5.6 million tons in Jan-Sep ’18.
The South Korean scrap imports totaled around 4.6 million tons in Jan-Sep ’18. The key supplier was Japan. The imports from Japan totaled roughly 3.1 million tons, accounting for two-thirds of the total imports by South Korea during this period. Meantime, the scrap exports out of South Korea plunged heavily by almost70% in September and by 34% during Jan-Sep ’18. The exports totaled around 18,000 tons and 330,000 tons in Sep ’18 and Jan-Sep ’18 respectively.

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