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Brief Introduction to Charcoal Machine

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Charcoal machine can crush crop straw, sawdust, branches, rice husk, bamboo, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, furfural residue, cotton stalk, sesame stalk, corn stover, corn cob and various shrub residues, and compress it into high density. High calorific value. The fuel is shaped by mechanical pressure and heat. The raw material density is about 130 kg/m3, and the extrusion molding volume is reduced by one tenth.
The density of the new charcoal machine is 1100-1300kg/m3, and the combustion performance is greatly improved. It is a biomass fuel that can be used for natural waste. It is used instead of coal and natural gas; it is used for boilers, living, heating, drying, etc. It is faster than coal burning and has a high calorific value. The market price of biomass fuel is 100~1200 yuan/ton.
Mechanical carbon is produced by thermally decomposing a mechanical carbon rod in a carbonization apparatus under the condition of oxygen isolation or a small amount of oxygen. Its calorific value is about 8000 kcal / kg. There is no SO2 emissions during the combustion process. It can be smoke-free and is a clean fuel.
In addition, compared with traditional log (tree) carbon, the mechanism carbon has high carbon content, high calorific value, low volatility, long burning time, carbon dioxide manufacturers, ordinary logs (tree) charcoal 2-4 times, smokeless and tasteless. Etc. Therefore, it is favored by users at home and abroad, and there is a mechanism of higher price charcoal.
In addition, due to the gradual reduction of market wood (charcoal), mechanical charcoal is more popular in the market.

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Charcoal Machine

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