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Fresh Explosion Vetoes Restart of AIM Scrap Metal Yard Operations

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The American Iron and Metal (AIM) scrap metal yard in Saint John will need to wait further, before it could restart its operations. A fresh explosion on the initial day of the proposed 90-day trial period has forced the provincial administration to wait for further site enhancements to prevent occurrence of such incidents in future.
The New Brunswick provincial government had issued a stop-work order on November 22, 2018 to the scrap metal yard. The yard was supposed to be given permission Monday to resume operations on trial basis for a period of three months. However, shortly before that, another explosion took place at the facility, thereby vetoing the restart plans.
The statement issued by Jeff Carr, the Minister of Environment noted that the provincial government was in favor of granting operating permit for a period of 90 days. However, the explosion incident that happened around 10.30 AM warrants that more concrete steps need to be taken by the company before restarting operations at the facility. For the time being, the recycling plant will continue to remain closed, he said.
The company is required to submit a detailed plan within next two months, with fruitful suggestions to eliminate the explosions and noises at the site, within next two months. In any case, the facility’s Environment Permit is due to expire in June next year, before which necessary site enhancements need to be completed.
As per official government records, the AIM Saint John site has reported nearly 40 blasts since June 1, 2017.

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