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Continuous Carbonization Furnace Features

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The continuous carbonization furnace is a carbonized wood material such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant straws, bark, etc. (volumes of 15 mm or less in size), which are subjected to dry distillation under high temperature conditions in a furnace, and have an oxygen-free carbonization rate and charcoal series equipment with high carbonization rate. 
Drying stage
From the start of ignition to the temperature of the furnace rising to 160 ° C, the moisture contained in the mechanism rod is mainly evaporated by the amount of external heating and the heat generated by the combustion itself. The chemical composition of the mechanism rod has hardly changed.
Initial stage of carbonization
This stage mainly relies on the combustion of the rod itself to generate heat, so that the furnace temperature rises to between 160 and 280 °C. At this time, the wood material undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition begins to change. Among them, the unstable composition, such as hemicellulose, decomposes to form CO2, CO and a small amount of acetic acid.
The continuous carbonization furnace adopts the advanced technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and oxygen generated during the carbonization process. That is to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the thick smoke generated in the carbonization process of the ordinary carbonization furnace, and solve the thermal energy problem required for the charcoal machine equipment, fully realize the self-sufficiency, the biological particle machine manufacturer, and improve the continuity of the equipment, Economical, make full use of the surplus of agriculture and forestry, turn it into waste, reduce the contradiction between the supply and demand of forestry resources in China, and contribute more to the greening environment.

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