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Why Charcoal is Produced During the Process of Charcoal Production

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During the formation of the mechanism charcoal, there are various impurities and burning of the remaining char. Today I will tell you how the char is formed:
Charcoal machine will have the following three main reasons for the production of charcoal in the production process: 1. The ash content of the raw material itself is relatively high; 2. The raw material is not clean and has impurities; 3. The temperature during carbonization is too high;
In order to solve this problem, we can start from the following aspects:
1. The raw material itself has higher ash content, such as straw, rice husk, weeds, etc. The mechanism of these raw materials is that the charcoal is relatively high in ash content. Such charcoal is not suitable for the barbecue industry, but it can be used in industry.
2. For the problem that raw materials are not clean, we should control the storage conditions of raw materials to avoid the pollution of sand and sand. It is best to filter before raw material production to ensure the cleanliness of the materials.
3. If the temperature of carbonization is too high, the carbon element will be combined with hydrogen and oxygen, which will cause the ash content of the carbon to increase relatively. Therefore, it is important to properly control the temperature of carbonization.

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