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Reasons for the Fracture of Pine-shell Mechanism Charcoal

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2019-01-03
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1. The carbonization process is too fast. If the carbonization process is too fast, it will cause the charcoal to crack. If the charcoal is too cracked, it will be difficult to shrink. If the charcoal fracture is caused by carbonization, the carbonization rate can be solved. To control the carbonization rate, it is necessary to control the carbonization temperature not to be too high, and the normal temperature should not exceed 300 degrees.
2, improper temperature control, when the carbonization temperature is raised, the general charcoal temperature can only make the charcoal have a good shrinkage when the temperature reaches 800 or more. The higher the carbonization temperature, the better the shrinkage, but the higher the temperature, the higher the carbon The lower the rate, the higher the cost. It is recommended to warm up to 800 degrees.
3, carbonization and raw materials, we must pay attention to control the temperature of the carbonization process, the carbonization process temperature should not exceed 300 degrees, if it is inherent defects in the wood chip, it is necessary to eliminate the problem of whether the machine is operating.

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