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The Quality of Raw Materials is Directly Related to the Quality of the Finished Charcoal Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2019-01-17
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The mechanism charcoal machine is to pulverize, dry and form a waste material having a carbon content. The mechanism carbon is to turn some plants with carbon content into vegetation carbon, and the original charcoal is directly burning charcoal by chaos and cutting trees. The two have completely different meanings. The former belongs to the environmental protection and waste project is protected by the state. The latter will be sanctioned.
In order to protect the charcoal effect of charcoal machines, we should pay attention to the source of the mechanism charcoal machine. The so-called source is the quality of raw materials. Because the quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of the finished carbon of the mechanism.
1. Improve the physical properties of the surface of the charcoal machine
Through the mechanism of the compression treatment, the density of the charcoal machine material will increase, the plasticity of the mechanism charcoal machine in the rod production process is improved, and the wear resistance and physical properties of the raw material during processing are greatly improved.
2. Improve the strength properties of the mechanism of charcoal machine raw materials
Compressed dendritic materials or hibiscus also increase the flexural modulus and flexural strength of the charcoal mechanism when the density of the mechanism is increased. After the raw materials are compressed and compacted, the microstructure and physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials have undergone major changes, and the mechanical strength is increased. Then the deformation efficiency of the finished charcoal machine is reduced, and the durability of the finished charcoal is better.
3. Improve the processability of the raw material charcoal machine
After the raw materials are compressed and densified, the sense of weight and hardness are significantly enhanced. The mechanism of the charcoal machine can prevent the raw materials from cracking or shattering during the heat treatment, and enhance the processability of the production.

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