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Six Major Features of Charcoal Machine Equipment

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The product is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and difficult to form, such as: rice husk, sunflower seed shell, peanut shell and other melon and fruit shells; branches, trunks, bark and other wood scraps; various crop straw; rubber , cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. It is applied to feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc. It is the most ideal compression compacting equipment with small investment, good efficiency and no risk.
The difference between the main performance and similar products.
Six major features:
1. vertical feeding, the most professional charcoal machine manufacturers, directly in place.
2. the mold is stationary, the pressure roller rotates, the material is centrifuged, and it is distributed around.
3. the second layer of the mold, the upper and lower use, reduce the cost and increase efficiency; can also be dual-use, high-yield and energy-saving.
4. ring mold, vertical structure, which is conducive to the cooling and cooling of the granulation chamber.
5. independent discharge device to ensure the formation rate of particles.
6. independent lubrication system, can achieve automatic lubrication without stopping.

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