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5 Essentials of Starting Your Charcoal Business

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-04-08
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Not everyone can involve in the machine-made charcoal industry. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of charcoal machines, we are willing to carry out a detailed analysis and provide some feasible recommendations on starting the charcoal business. Generally, to be a successful entrepreneur in the charcoal industry, you must be in accordance with the following 5 essential conditions. Anyone possesses no such conditions, you’d better stop wandering before the door of charcoal business, and find other ways!

1. Sufficient raw materials

The ideal material for manufacturing machine-made charcoal is sawdust of hardwood or bamboo. Using straw and other crop wastes to make charcoal demands high technical requirements, and the quality of the finished products is not that good, the market space is relatively narrow, but it’s still feasible, which basically relies on the actual situation of the local area. Raw material is the precondition of machine-made charcoal production, please do not invest your money into the charcoal business if you cannot get sufficient raw materials.

2. Capital

Capital is another, also the most important, factor to be concerned for any business, here we take a factory producing 1 ton of charcoal per day as an example.

Regarding the technology for charcoal production, it involves two aspects: compression molding (briquetting) and carbonizing. For compression molding, if you choose a right machine supplier, they will be responsible for teaching you such molding technology and even you meet some problems later, the supplier will provide guidance for you. For carbonizing, since you establish the earth kilns by yourself, it’s naturally you have to learn the technology from an expert in kilning. But if you choose to use the carbonization furnace, the supplier will teach you the carbonizing technology.

4. TechnologyFor placing the equipment, it needs an workshop not less than 100 square meters. The workshop must be higher than that of three meters. It’s better if the height is more than 3.5 meters. As for both charcoal drying and molding processes, it will produce, more or less, some smoke, in the workshop, and people might feel uneasy when staying inside for a long time. For the warehouse, it’s mainly used for storing the finished product, not too many requirements, no fire hazard is good. Besides, it requires enough outdoor space to pile up the raw materials, as well as the space to build kilns (if you do not use carbonization furnace), which altogether requires an area of roughly 500 square meters. It is important to choose a factory site away from residential areas in order to reduce the pressure of gas emissions and avoid influence on surrounding residents.

5. Your own competence

A qualified charcoal producer shall be equipped with two basic abilities: social ability and the ability to overcome difficulties. You should know how to communicate with different kinds of people so as to lower your cost and open market for your charcoal. Meanwhile, when you are facing difficulties, you have the ability to deal with them and solve the problems. Remember, the key is perseverance.

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