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SC Johnson Launches First-Ever 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic Bottle

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Racin, Wisconsin-based SC Johnson announced that it will launch 100% recycled ocean plastic bottle. This will be the first such product to be launched by the industry. The company will use recycled ocean plastics to make its Windex Vinegar bottles, the company press release said. The launch is part of SC Johnson’s ongoing commitment to tackle mounting plastic pollution in oceans.
The Windex Vinegar Ocean Plastic bottles will be made available at leading American retailers like Target and Walmart. As per plans, around 8 million bottles will hit shelves of the above retailers this spring.
Earlier in October last year, SC Johnson had announced a new partnership with Plastic Bank, aimed at boosting recycling rates in impoverished communities across Indonesia, by engaging communities in preventing plastic from entering waterways. The partnership plans to launch a 100% Social Plastic Windex bottle by this fall, which will be yet another milestone in the company’s fight against plastic pollution in oceans. The bottle will make use of recycled ocean-bound social plastic sourced by Plastic Bank from Haiti, the Philippines and Indonesia.
Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson noted that oceans in the world are home to over 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris. The condition is getting worse every single day, he said. Windex bottle is one of the many ways in which the company intends to reduce ocean plastic waste, Johnson added.
SC Johnson has been in the forefront of worldwide efforts in recovering plastic through innovative recycling and recovery programs. 

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