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North Carolina Awards Funds for Electronics Recycling

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2019-03-04
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Of the 83 county and cities awarded a total of $600,000 to support local electronics management programs, 14 are on the coast. The funds through the Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Waste Management provide the opportunity to recycle electronics such as televisions and computer equipment.
Since 2010 when legislation initiated the Electronics Management Program, government and manufacturer programs have diverted more than 300 million pounds of electronics from solid waste landfills. Data on electronics recycled by businesses is not collected.
The program requires computer equipment and television manufacturers who sell in the state to offer take-back programs to residents and pay an annual registration fee, which makes up the Electronics Management Fund used to support approved electronics recycling programs within the state’s counties. Costs typically associated with local collection systems include managing drop-off sites, and the consolidation and transport of materials.
“Recycling electronic equipment reduces waste and protects water quality by keeping toxic materials like mercury and lead out of landfills,” said DEQ Secretary Michael Regan in a statement. “In addition, recycling electronics recovers valuable raw materials that can be used to make new products that diversify the market, supporting North Carolina jobs and sustainable economic development.”

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