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India's E-Waste Recycling Sector Has Enormous Job Potential

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The report published by International Finance Corporation (IFC) - a member of World Bank Group foresees huge potentials for e-waste recycling sector in India in terms of job creation and economic contribution.
According to the report, e-waste sector in the country is likely to generate approximately 450,000 direct jobs and additional 180,000 jobs in allied sectors including transportation and manufacturing by 2025. The e-waste sectors significant potentials to contribute to the country’s economy. It recommends effective collaboration between government authorities, producers and consumers towards achieving efficient e-waste management in the country.
Meantime, Indian government authorities hinted at formulation of new e-waste rules, which will soon be implemented in the country. Under this scheme, consumers will be provided with an option to return their old, used electronic items to respective showrooms, for which they will be refunded. The manufacturers will have to ensure that the collected electronic waste is disposed off in a safe and environment-friendly manner.
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has already initiated an awareness programs in association with industry associations. The primary objective is to formalize the sector which is currently dominated by unlicensed and unregulated recyclers who mainly use primitive recycling techniques.
The most recent ASSOCHAM report predicts that India’s e-waste generation is likely to surpass 5.2 million metric tonnes per annum by 2020, growing at a CAGR of around 30%.

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