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Virginia Lumber Company Fined $24K Over Safety Lapses Leading to Worker’s Death

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Virginia-based Yancey Lumber Company has been fined more than $24,000 following death of an employee last year due to lack of adequate safety precautions at the worksite. The investigation carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authorities had cited four safety violations.
As per Albemarle County Police Department, the accident took place at the company’s Crozet, Va. facility on July 25, 2018, when the employee was walking to her work area transporting empty water bottles to the water location, before the start of her shift, when a stack of lumber pieces fell over her, leading to fatal head injury. The employee was later identified as 46 year old Floriberta Macedo-Diaz.
OSHA authorities had cited Yancey Lumber Company with four serious safety violations and an initial penalty of $34,705, which was later lowered through settlements to $24,294. It noted that the lumber company site lacked the presence of adequately trained person to render first aid. Also, adequate first aid supplies were not available at the site. Unfortunately, there is no infirmary, clinic or hospital nearby the workplace, it said.
The investigation also revealed lack of systems in place for load manipulation, stacking and unstacking. Unstable piles of lumber were not taken care of. Moreover, no proper fence or barricade was provided for preventing employees from entering into areas which they might fall. Another violation was with respect to the length and alignment of stickers on packages.

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