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Plastic Bags to Soon Disappear From Delaware Retail Stores

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Plastic bags will soon be banned in Delaware. The legislation that proposes to ban single-use plastic bags at supermarkets and convenience stores was approved by Senate in a 13-8 vote. The House Bill 130 will now head to Governor John Carney for final signature to become law. It must be noted that the Governor has been a supporter of the bill from the beginning.
Immediately after the final passage of the bill, Governor thanked the sponsor of the bill, Representative Gerald Brady and members of the Delaware Senate and House for their support on the issue. He announced that he looks forward to sign the legislation, which he thinks will help to clean up Delaware’s environment and beaches. Plastic bags have been a significant source of litter, as only a very few gets recycled, he noted.
Plastic bags will not be banned from every Delaware store. The bill states that store which is either 7,000 square feet or bigger or has three or more locations with each at least 3,000 square feet will have to prohibit distribution of plastic bags at checkout. Restaurants won’t be subject to the ban.
Also, not all types of plastic bags are banned. The allowed categories of plastic bags include garbage bags, pet bags, bags meant for carrying meat or seafood, bags to carry unwrapped or frozen foods, dry cleaning bags, bags for carrying pesticides, bags to hold potted plants and newspaper delivery bags.
The Delaware plastic bag ban will go into effect January 2021.

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