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Scrap accounts for approximately half of the ferrous scrap supply.

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This scrap is processed by the scrap recycling industry into commodity grade material that accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of raw steel produced in the United States. Such processing typically takes place at electric arc furnaces. As well, the U.S. exports ferrous scrap to approximately 90 countries around the world.

Generally speaking, ferrous alloys are magnetic, although their magnetic attraction will vary as a consequence of the amount of iron in the alloy. Stainless steel is considered to be a ferrous metal but is not always magnetically attracted because a great deal of the iron is removed in the manufacturing process.

Ferrous Scrap Metal in a Nutshell

EPA estimated the generation of scrap ferrous metals at 18.2 million tons in 2015 (6.9% of total MSW generation).

EPA estimated the recycling rate of all materials in appliances, including ferrous metals, was 61.7%. Overall, the Agency estimated the recycling of ferrous metals from durable goods (large and small appliances, furniture, and tires to be 27.8% (4.4 million tons) in 2015.

EPA estimated the recycling rate for steel cans to be 71.3% (1.2 million tons) in 2015. 

Through the utilization of ferrous scrap rather than virgin materials in the production of iron and steel, CO2 emissions are reduced by 58%.

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