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Corrugated Packaging Industry Promotion Program Gets a New Look

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The corrugated packaging industry today unveils a new look and feel for its promotion program, updated to reflect evolving market trends like e-commerce, printing technology advancements, and shifting dynamics in recycling and sustainability. The promotion program began in 2017 to raise awareness and elevate appreciation for the ubiquitous, humble corrugated cardboard box and its role in everyday life.
“The rise of e-commerce has created greater consumer awareness of packaging,” said Rachel Kenyon, vice president of the Fibre Box Association (FBA). “Many of the packages that used to be shipped to stores are now arriving on consumer doorsteps and we believe it’s the right time to be reminding people about the extraordinary benefits of corrugated cardboard boxes.”
The ability of a box to withstand the rigors of transport through an increasingly complex supply chain is crucial for protecting the product inside – and supporting the brand behind it. This means it has to arrive in pristine condition and graphics on the box need to provide a mobile billboard for the brand. In addition, it is more important than ever for consumers to understand corrugated packaging’s environmental impact and the importance of why and how to recycle the box after use.
“Corrugated cardboard boxes have been around for more than a century – but advances in technology, from papermaking and printing techniques to sustainable manufacturing and recovery processes have been taking place behind the scenes the whole time,” said Kenyon. “It’s important that we share our progress with box users and consumers, so they can feel good about choosing, receiving, using and recycling corrugated cardboard packaging.”

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