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Method and principle of charring charcoal in charcoal furnace

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The carbonization furnace equipment is an important equipment for the charcoal machine production mechanism charcoal, and the operation technology of the equipment is also the key to the production of the mechanism charcoal. Therefore, the correct operation of the carbonization furnace equipment to produce the mechanism charcoal can ensure the quality of the charcoal and avoid the equipment failure for itself. Bring more economic benefits.

Method and principle of charring charcoal in charcoal furnace

There are various methods for carbonizing carbonization furnace equipment, which can be basically pided into two categories: internal combustion method and dry distillation method. The carbonization is pided into three stages: low temperature discharge temperature, high temperature calcination, and cooling and cooling. The carbonization temperature should preferably be 550 ° C - 600 ° C. The salary bar has about 8% of water when it enters the carbonization furnace equipment, and this moisture is the enemy of carbonization. Because the salary bar is afraid of getting wet. The tidal time is generally 10-15 hours for the earthen kiln and 2-3.5 hours for the kiln. The long heating time can prevent the salary bar from being cracked by moisture and ensure the quality of carbonization. When the furnace temperature rises to 300 ° C, a large amount of combustible gas can be generated in the furnace. These gases can be used to heat the furnace. Discharge the heat source for drying. Above 400 ° C for the heat preservation calcination stage, it is necessary to seal the oxygen-free closed fire. Self-ignition cooling or water cooling can be adopted. After the charcoal is discharged from the kiln, it must be ventilated and then charcoal to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning.

The working principle of the carbonization furnace equipment: firstly introduce the combustibles (such as sawdust, wood scraps, etc.) in the gasification furnace, and the flammability generated by the flue gas generated after combustion in the pipeline after spraying, cooling, purification, etc. Gas, as the heat source of the previous carbonization, the raw materials of the 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# carbonized tubes in the single-row or double-row combined shell carbonization furnace (such as rice husk, sawdust, straw powder, husk, palm) Shell, hemp, etc.) are heated and charred. The flue gas generated in the carbonization process is completely recovered, and then the generated combustible gas is subjected to secondary combustion by spraying, cooling, purifying and the like. By circulating in this way, the self-generated flammable gas is burned by itself to achieve energy saving effects. The smokeless gas is discharged throughout the production process and meets the national environmental protection requirements. The birth of the carbonization furnace equipment not only protects the environment, but also turns waste into treasure and brings wealth to people. It is a good equipment with many advantages. The use of the shell carbonization furnace has increased the output of the equipment, shortened the carbonization time, and produced smokeless gas pollution in the production environment, saving energy and turning waste into treasure.

The main factors affecting the carbonization and carbon removal rate: the type of raw materials, density, carbonization temperature. The denser the charcoal mature material, the better. The carbonization temperature is low, the carbon removal rate will be high, but the carbon smoke is large and the corrosion is increased; the carbonization temperature is high, the charcoal is brittle and easy to bend and crack; the temperature range is 550 ° C - 650 ° C, the friability and the solid carbon content Ideally balanced, the solid carbon content of premium carbon is higher than 80%.

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