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How useful is straw charcoal in daily life?

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In the corn harvest season, a lot of headaches are caused by how to handle the straw. The most common thing is to see the burning of straw. This pollutes the environment and has little effect. Now there is straw recycling, which can be made into straw charcoal by straw machines, etc. What are the uses of the straw charcoal made?

A small piece of charcoal is not to be underestimated. In addition to domestic heating and field manufacturing, is it also very useful in other areas?

Straw charcoal has a coordinated effect on soil moisture absorption. It can increase soil temperature, keep soil moisture sufficient, and effectively regulate environmental protection. The use of straw charcoal is more visible in life. It is not only reflected in For heating, our charcoal grilled meat and charcoal hot pot are more healthy. Now more and more friends like charcoal grilled food, because the smell is small, the harm is small, the health is good, the grilled food is sweet and delicious, and the straw charcoal can also be used to remove The odor effect can greatly eliminate the room's thinking and play a great role in eliminating the odor produced by livestock in agriculture.

Straw coal is an emerging product. Specific raw materials are more widely used, the process is simpler, the product is more powerful, and the quality is more stable. These advantages are the development trend of the biomass industry in the future. It has a greater promotion advantage and has good market potential.

The emergence of the straw charcoal machine is undoubtedly a decisive role for the recycling of old objects and increasing the amount of straw charcoal. This straw charcoal machine is low in price and highly available.

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