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Working principle of horizontal continuous carbonization furnace

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-02-21
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Horizontal continuous carbonization furnace can make carbonization raw materials from drying to carbonization at one time. It is mainly used for: peanut shells, sawdust, corn stalks, bagasse, branches, rice husks, bamboo dust, sorghum stalks, sunflower husks, lees, corn cob, sorghum stalks, coconut husks, apricot husks, peanut husks, coffee grounds, Carbon straw, bean stalk, yam, dead leaves, traditional Chinese medicine residues, sludge, domestic waste and other materials with carbon characteristics are carbonized.

Working principle of horizontal continuous carbonization furnace:

Adopting advanced smokeless environmental protection carbonization process, the complete set of equipment includes:

1. The whole set of equipment consists of gasification system (gasification furnace, spray tower, dust collector);

2. Purification system (spray tower, oil-water separator, filter);

3.Carbonization system (carbonized host, screw feeder, screw unloader, cooling unloader, conveyor, cooling bin for finished product);

4. Control system (control cabinet).

The entire carbonization process is automated, easy to operate, and saves time and effort.

Advantages of horizontal continuous carbonization furnace:

First of all, the bulk of the body is large, the carbonization rate is high, and the production capacity is strong. It can carbonize 0.5-2 tons per hour.

Secondly, low cost, low cost and strong practicality can meet the investment needs of the initial entrepreneurs.

All internal components of the horizontal continuous carbonization furnace are made of special high temperature resistant noble metal steel, which is sturdy and durable, does not deform, does not oxidize, and has good thermal insulation performance. The machine is simple to operate, safe and reliable.

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