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What is the mechanism charcoal semi-finished product?

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The mechanism charcoal semi-finished product is the salary rod, which is the third link of processing mechanism charcoal. The production process is one step less than the mechanism charcoal: raw material crushing-drying-rod making. Because of different uses, some can be used directly without carbonization, such as burning a boiler, there is no need to re-carbonize, otherwise it will increase production costs.

Because the raw materials recombine bio-fibrous materials under high temperature and high pressure without any binding additives, the regular solid rod fuel produced has various specifications, no pollution, combustion resistance, and low cost. It can be directly used to burn boilers and industrial fields. Fuel is a new product recognized by the world to solve energy and environmental problems, so it has become more and more popular in recent years.

machine-made charcoal
machine-made charcoal

Parameters of machine-made charcoal semi-finished products

1. The mechanism charcoal semi-finished products are divided into the shape: flat spherical synthetic carbon, single-hole grilled charcoal, triangle, quadrangular, hexagonal and so on.

2. The mechanism charcoal semi-finished products are divided into diameters: 50, 60, 70, 80 four models, that is, the diameter of the salary rod is 50MM, 60MM, 70MM, 80MM.

3. The mechanism charcoal semi-finished products are divided into two types: hollow and solid. The burning time of the solid is about 2 hours longer than that of the hollow, but the hollow is easy to ignite and generate a lot of heat. Due to the different uses of machine-made charcoal, the specifications produced are different. In general, hollow machine-made charcoal is used more.

Application of machined charcoal semi-finished products

Biomass fuel stick products are widely used in various steam boilers, hot blast stoves, hotel service industry boilers and various domestic energy consumption; high combustion utilization rate, replacing coal, fuel oil and other fuels, reducing pollution, is currently ideal Renewable non-polluting fuel.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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