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Charcoal machine propeller structure and repair method

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Mechanism charcoal propeller structure:

The propeller is divided into two parts. The screw groove of the first part is of equal width, which is used to transport the raw materials forward; the screw groove of the second part is not of equal width. The more the screw groove is, the narrower the groove is. The raw material delivered is forcedly compressed in the narrow spiral groove.

The abrasion of the propeller in the production process of the charcoal machine is very fast. The high temperature of several Baidu plus the pressure friction of more than 5 tons, no matter how strong the material can't stand long, it will not work, so use 40-50 It needs to be repaired in an hour to prolong its life.

Charcoal machine propeller structure and repair method

Repair method of mechanism charcoal propeller:

1. Preheat the parts that need to be welded at the end of the thruster, and the temperature reaches about 200 ℃.

2. Select special wear-resistant electrode, build up a layer of welding according to the wear of the front corner of the end of the thruster, the welding slag must be removed, and then the second layer is welded. The welding thickness exceeds the required thickness by 1-2mm, and the welded propeller should not have defects such as slag inclusions and air holes.

3. After welding, insert the welded part into the dry quicklime or grass ash, and the depth of insertion should be more than three leads for cooling.

4. Take it out after cooling to below 50 ℃, and grind it on the green silicon carbide grinding wheel. Excessive force or local overheating is not allowed during the grinding. Cooling with water or other liquids is strictly prohibited.

5. When grinding, the spiral end is 360 degrees. The rake angle at the circumference increases gradually and evenly from 2 degrees. At the end, the rake angle increases to 22 degrees. During the rise of the rake angle, there should be no unevenness or unevenness.

6. Knocked or collided propellers are strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the surfacing surface and other parts, and should be stored carefully for use.

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