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He mechanism charcoal production line can process these waste materials to make finished charcoal

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The mechanism charcoal production line is to process sawdust and other waste log materials. After the mechanism charcoal production line is formed and carbonized, it can replace the use of log charcoal. We all know that burning raw charcoal is very harmful to the environment, so I recommend using machine-made charcoal. Charcoal requires a relatively long growth period for trees. Because the growth period is long, the density of wood is relatively large, so the carbon content of burned charcoal comes out and the burning time is long. However, after the operation of a new type of charcoal machine equipment, it is possible to improve the quality of charcoal and meet the development requirements of the enterprise by changing the density of some wood and letting some loose wood through the strong kneading of the mechanical charcoal production line to obtain a larger density .

So far, charcoal has played a very important role in our production and life. We all know that charcoal is produced through a mechanism charcoal production line, so what is the process of producing charcoal by the mechanism charcoal production line? Now we will tell you about the production process knowledge of the mechanism charcoal production line. The mechanism charcoal production line refers to a complete set of equipment, which mainly includes several major parts of equipment such as pulverizers, dryers, rod making machines, and carbonization furnaces. The production process of charcoal is related to these equipments. of.

Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace

Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace

The mechanism charcoal production thread can roughly contain such several steps. One is crushing, we need to crush raw materials such as wood, straw or corn on the cob; the other is drying, the crushed raw materials need to be dried, which uses a dryer. The third is the work of the rod making machine, and the crushed raw materials are made into rod shapes again. The fourth is carbonization, after the rod-shaped material is carbonized, it will form our common charcoal.

The mechanism charcoal is produced by a charcoal machine. Larch is a common raw material for this product. This is recognized as the ideal mechanism charcoal raw material. The lignin content of larch is moderate, the fibers are tightly bound, and the density is good. At a low molding temperature and a small extrusion pressure, a high-density, high-hardness molding rod can be formed.

In this age of development, efficiency and money are hitting people's brains. High-efficiency and fast-paced social life is also a symbol of the times. The mechanism charcoal production line is continuously improved and updated through the power of scientific and technological progress. Good quality and quality are his fine traditions and maintain a good reputation. To meet the needs of the times, the mechanism charcoal production line has been greatly improved. In front of a strong scientific research team, the room for improvement of the mechanism charcoal production line is constantly being tapped. Because only the efficiency of the mechanism charcoal production line can better create higher value for customers, thereby reducing costs and making customers benefit more.

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