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The difference between a rod making machine and a toner forming machine

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Many customers who make charcoal have very different raw materials. Some are close to mountain forests, there are branches and bark in mountain forests, there are straws from rural fields, there are some sawdust shavings recovered from wood factories, and some people's raw materials It is not wood material, but charcoal powder. The charcoal powder made into charcoal is different from other raw materials.

There are two kinds of equipment to be mentioned here: rod making machine and carbon powder forming machine. Consumers often have some doubts when buying forming machine, and they are not clear about the difference and purpose of the two carbon making equipment.
The difference between a rod making machine and a toner forming machine
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1. The stick making machine is specialized in producing charcoal sticks.

2. Carbon powder forming machine is specialized in forming carbon powder and coal powder.

The stick making machine combines sawn wood, branches, rice husks, bamboo shavings, peanut husks, sunflower seed husks, distiller’s grains, bagasse, corn cobs, coconut husks, coffee grounds, and crop straws, yam grass, dead leaves and other agricultural and forestry wastes. As the raw material, after drying and de-smoke, high-quality, environmentally friendly and efficient mechanism charcoal rods are made at high temperature and pressure, and finally put into the carbonization furnace to burn machine-made charcoal.

The carbon powder molding machine is a machine that uses coal powder, carbon powder, binder, and water to make charcoal through the molding machine, and does not need to be burned in the carbonization furnace.

In recent years, many customers have called to inquire about carbon powder molding problems. In fact, carbon powder molding is not difficult. It also needs an auxiliary machine, which is a mixer, because carbon powder must be crushed before it is made into molding. Then add water and stir evenly, this work needs to be carried out by a mixer.

In short, both the toner forming machine and the charcoal rod making machine are good equipment for recycling waste and environmental protection. The machine-made carbon produced can be used in many fields such as chemical industry, production and life. Customers should combine the characteristics of their own raw materials to be flexible when purchasing. grasp.

Our products have reasonable design and reliable manufacturing quality. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor saving, and electricity saving. The fully automatic control electric heating device is designed to adjust the dry humidity of the material randomly to ensure the stability of the discharge molding and improve the work efficiency.

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