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Production mechanism charcoal is good for earth kiln or carbonization

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-10-27
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Many users call to inquire whether the charcoal production mechanism is a good earth kiln or a carbonization furnace. In fact, they have their own advantages, but as far as the quality of charcoal is concerned, the use of earth kilns to burn high-temperature charcoal has an incomparable advantage to the carbonization furnace. Of course, the disadvantage is that it emits a lot of smoke, smoke, smoke, etc. This requires the charcoal plant to be equipped with earth kiln flue gas treatment equipment, which can pass the acceptance of the environmental protection department and prevent the surrounding people from having opinions on the charcoal plant.

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In short, after the charcoal plant is equipped with earth kiln flue gas treatment equipment, the charcoal boss can eliminate the interference in burning charcoal with peace of mind. In fact, for a long time, charcoal bosses in various places have also adopted many methods to deal with flue gas in the process of charcoal burning in earth kilns, such as water immersion, concentrated emission of chimneys in series, and secondary combustion. However, the overall effect is not ideal. Every time the charcoal plant burns the kiln, the surrounding smoke billows and the surrounding residents are miserable. Especially in recent years, as the country has gradually increased its emphasis on environmental protection and economy, more and more local governments have adopted strict management measures for the burning of charcoal in earth kilns. Many charcoal plants have deep experience and therefore adopt earth kiln flue gas treatment. Equipment is imperative.

SUNY GROUP has developed charcoal kiln flue gas treatment equipment through the analysis of earth kiln charcoal emission gas, combined with science and technology, and continuously conducted experiments and comparisons. After being used by multiple charcoal plants, they have achieved good results and fully reached national standards. The flue gas emitted from the charcoal kiln contains chemical substances such as methane, acetylene, wood vinegar, tar, etc., as well as trace particles and water vapor. SUNY GROUP’s earth kiln flue gas treatment equipment adopts filtering, separation, cooling, and collection methods for the above different substances, which has the effect of adsorption and purification and filtration. The flue gas purification rate can reach more than 95%, effectively preventing toxic gases and smoke from affecting The pollution caused by the surrounding environment realizes environmental protection and carbonization.

There is a saying in the machinery industry that three parts quality and seven parts nutrition, which shows the importance of equipment maintenance, the same is true for earth kiln flue gas treatment equipment. The user must clean the filter tower and filter box regularly during use, and check the fan and motor frequently to avoid affecting the smoke removal effect and safe use of the earth kiln flue gas treatment equipment.

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