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How to extend the life of charcoal machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-01-11
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In recent years, the investment situation of charcoal machines has become more and more hot. However, many investors hope to have both efficient and long-term trouble-free equipment. This requires us to ensure the life of charcoal. Maintenance is the feasibility of extending the life of charcoal.

In order to maintain charcoal equipment, there must be certain methods and skills, rather than simply maintaining what we can, what we have can be divided into each link of the primary and secondary equipment intent, extending the service life of activated carbon effectively The way is to keep working, in the early work charcoal equipment has a running-in trial period, after the normal operation will require later maintenance and maintenance. Although charcoal equipment is not a precision instrument, but maintenance issues still need to be concerned about the equipment, then how should we do better maintenance work?

charcoal machine
charcoal machine


Among the charcoal machine equipment, maintenance is a vulnerable part of the equipment, such as the screw of the propeller, the barrel of the rod making machine, the inner sleeve, etc. We must master the correct handling methods and technical essentials of the students to operate. As long as the company's technical personnel mastered it, coupled with accurate methods, maintenance of charcoal machine equipment management is still very simple. The sleeve will also be worn out, not as severe as the screw, and it is not easy to repair manually, relying on the replacement of good parts. Low-cost long-life sleeves, equipment and maintenance costs per ton of products, if the information technology knowledge is well mastered, it will only be around 20. If the technology can be mastered well, it will directly affect the company's cost to increase several times. Normally, the cost of indirect expenses is greater (for example, teaching equipment has been unable to develop normally and the working environment has caused waste or production shutdown). They need to learn more about how the charcoal machine equipment is effectively maintained. Do a good job in the maintenance of the above charcoal machine, it can be said that there is no need to worry about the maintenance of the charcoal machine. It can more smoothly complete the task of making charcoal, and teachers can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of education.

In today's ever-changing needs, the indispensable machinery of the bar charcoal industry equipment, loved by all companies, is the dominant position in the charcoal compression molding operation, and is closely connected with people's lives. The charcoal equipment system of the main raw material rods is pressed to form a high temperature and pressure. It plays a major role in the mechanism of the charcoal production line process. The configuration of the power source is different. The commonly used type of rod 50 machines and the motor are generally equipped with one 15000 watt motor, and at the end of what is a good 18.5 kilowatt motor? This is because the pole machine is a drive gear unit driven by an electric motor, which requires less power when using energy as a pole device. The inevitable power configuration, which will increase the power consumption is proportional to the output and power. The forming device also temperature rod is usually cylindrical compared with a suitable control at 260℃-300℃. The uneven temperature depends on the material.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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