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How to choose charcoal machine equipment

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-01-18
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Choosing a good one is very important, but a good one cannot be achieved overnight. We should also compare it with a good device. We talked about choosing a good method before. Now let us talk about how to choose a good device.

Equipment management can guarantee the operation of the company’s production system, as well as ensure that the machined charcoal produced is good, which can bring greater economic and social benefits to the company’s customers than before. The selection of machined charcoal machine equipment should start from the following two aspects:

Charcoal Product Line
Charcoal Product Line

1. Equipment and technology:

If it passes the inspection, selecting the equipment is a very critical step. The principle of the device and the method are basically the same. But production equipment is another story. In the example dryer: before the moisture content is reduced to between 12%-4% rod material should be dried. This requires the length of the dryer pipe, pipe diameter, pipe insulation performance, fan, pressure, and air volume of the feed flow to meet the requirements of drying. The dryer can be 35% dry base with water content. Some dryers are not necessary for drying air flow due to pipe length and air pressure. This is a dry raw material, which not only wastes manpower, material resources, electricity, and fuel systems, and greatly increases the cost of carbon by 3-4 times before, but the next process is the impact bar. There are many beginners who do not solve the relationship with the correct drying stick. At present, there are many manufacturers selling environmentally friendly carbonization furnaces, and competitive price wars have greatly affected product quality. Because of the low price, some manufacturers cut corners, product performance and product quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, investors should be careful and shop around to facilitate their work and sharpen their tools first.

2. Carbonization technology

Carbonization is a key technical link in the production of machine-made charcoal. The carbonization treatment methods can be divided into the following two categories through various forms and basic information: internal combustion method and dry distillation method. Both methods can be effectively used. It’s just that the carbonization process design requires students to be different. The carbonization temperature should be 550 degrees and 600 degrees. The early temperature rise should be slow. The earth kiln should be 15 hours and the mechanical kiln should be 2-3 hours. The early heating time is long, which can prevent The raw material rod is damp and cracked. Ensure the quality of carbonization management.

Keep close to the quality of the dry distillation carbon of the starting material rod, the general requirement of the density of the raw material rod should be greater than 1. Simple detection method: take some molding material rods into water, the specific gravity is greater than 1 when submerged in water, when the floating specific gravity is less than 1, higher The density of specific gravity, mass produced charcoal.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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