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Manufacturing method of charcoal planted charcoal

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-01-22
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There are two methods for making machine-made carbon: one is forming first and then carbonizing, the other is forming first after carbonization.

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1. Forming first and then carbonizing is to pulverize the material through a pulverizer and then dry, and then through the rod making machine rod and carbonization furnace carbonization.

2. Forming after carbonization is to burn and carbonize the materials, then pulverize the carbonized materials, and add a certain amount of bonding extrusion or combustion aid (this can be based on the purpose of charcoal) using a carbon rod forming machine or other molding The equipment makes it shape, and it is ready to dry.

The above two methods are both methods of making machine-made charcoal, but the equipment used in the two is different. The first machine-made charcoal equipment used for forming and then carbonizing includes a grinder, a dryer, a rod making machine and a carbonization machine.

The second type of carbonization equipment used for carbonization and then molding includes a carbonization furnace, a pulverizer and a rod making machine or other carbon powder molding equipment.

Different production methods, the machine-made charcoal equipment used are also different, and the uses of charcoal are also different. The first type is widely used in industrial enterprises, such as carbon disulfide plants, copper processing plants and non-ferrous metal processing plants, and is a substitute for coal resources.

The second type is because of the addition of chemical agents during production, and its production method is different from the first type. The density and durability of charcoal are not as good as the former. It can only be used as an adsorbent, barbecue, or hookah like people in the Arab region.

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