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How much is a set of mechanism charcoal machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-07-17
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The machine-made charcoal machine is a very popular environmental protection equipment on the market. It can make good use of agricultural and forestry wastes to produce machine-made charcoal. The price of machine-made charcoal machine is a question of great concern to users. How much is a set of machine-made charcoal machine? ?How much does it cost to invest in a complete set of charcoal machines?

When buying a machine-made charcoal machine, it’s not as simple as everyone thinks that I just paid for a set of equipment and it’s done. This depends on what raw materials you use to process charcoal. Professional manufacturers need to equip equipment according to the raw materials. For example, the charcoal used to make wood chips and straw raw materials is also made of charcoal, but the intermediate knowledge can be great, and the equipment used is also Different equipment, different quality and output of charcoal, so it is necessary to match the charcoal machine equipment that is more suitable for users according to the raw materials, so there will be a gap in the price.

charcoal machine
charcoal machine

In addition, the manufacturer depends on what kind of charcoal you want to make. For different uses, the process and ratio of the machine-made charcoal machine equipment are also different. For example, charcoal needs 7500 calories to burn. In this case, it needs to be crushed, dried, and made into rods. Carbonization. If charcoal is made into an adsorbent, it needs to be carbonized and then shaped. The equipment configured in these two cases is different, the same is charcoal, but the price is far different.

It depends on how large the output you want. Large output is more expensive, and small is cheaper. This is simple and only depends on your needs. There are some users who don’t need a complete set of equipment, so they also buy it separately. I forgot to introduce it here. A set of charcoal machine equipment is composed of a grinder, a dryer, a rod making machine, and a carbonization furnace. It depends on your raw materials. What, so some manufacturers have a full set of ratios, and some raw materials are not used. For example, we sell better small smoke-free mechanism charcoal machine ex-factory price of 70-80,000 sets, which can be applied to many kinds of raw materials and reach environmental protection and smoke-free standards. You can make a reference for comparison.

There is also the purchase of a machine-made charcoal machine to pull home to make charcoal. The output and the quality of charcoal are also very important. This requires carbon technology. Nowadays, the carbon technology masters have different technologies, and the prices of different technologies are different in different regions and manufacturers. British manufacturers buy mechanical charcoal machines free of charge for technicians to visit the site to guide and train.

The price of the machine-made charcoal machine is determined according to the user's demand and output. When purchasing the machine-made charcoal machine, the user should understand the output of the machine-made charcoal machine, the quality and environmental protection of the equipment, so as to ensure the better production of the machine-made charcoal machine. , Ensure production efficiency and quality of mechanism charcoal, create better economic benefits for yourself.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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