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Application of small charcoal machine in the development of industrial technology

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Charcoal is an effective element commonly used in our lives. It is not only widely used in life, but also has a great performance in industry. Before the development of industrial technology, charcoal was obtained by firing, and the efficiency was relatively low. In addition, charcoal is not well shaped, has low quality and poor use effect. After the development of industrial technology, the small charcoal machine quickly produced charcoal, which has been well received by users since its listing.

Charcoal Product Line
Charcoal Product Line

Before the operation of the small charcoal machine, the outer shell and internal mechanism should be checked, especially whether it is in good condition, to ensure the normal operation of the drying process of the small charcoal machine.

In order to determine the temperature of the small charcoal machine, you must first understand the humidity of the raw material, see if there is obvious humidity on the surface, touch it with your hand, break the raw material, see the humidity of the cross section, and set the corresponding drying temperature after understanding the humidity of the raw material , To ensure the quality of material production.

The reasons for the cracks and fractures produced by the small-scale charcoal machine during the production of machine-made charcoal are nothing more than the low density of the rods, the excessive heating of carbonization, the decrease of the sealing performance of the kiln, and the unreasonable design of the kiln space. Under the above circumstances, customers can gradually check and troubleshoot the faults and manufacture good carbon rods based on the above reasons.

Small-scale charcoal machines produce qualified mechanism charcoal which is the ideal production mode for all customers. Enterprises can solve a large amount of waste of raw materials and labor losses, and reduce the cost of enterprise development.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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