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How does the charcoal machine reduce flue gas emissions in the production process

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As the mainstream mechanical equipment for deep processing of wood on the market, charcoal machines have made great contributions to the production of clean fuels. At present, all walks of life in China are putting environmental issues first. The charcoal machinery produced by Henan Lantian reduces the flue gas emissions during the processing and production of the charcoal machine equipment. So, how does our charcoal machine reduce the flue gas emissions in the production process? First of all, we must understand that in the production and use of the charcoal machine equipment, flue gas emissions are inevitable, and what we have to do is to a certain extent Reduce, not disappear, smoke.

Charcoal Product Line
Charcoal Product Line

For the charcoal machine, the straw carbonization technology is used to fibrillate crop straw and other organic matter, and hemicellulose and lignin are softened at 200-300 degrees. After softening is completed, after crushing, add an appropriate amount of binder With water, at the same time, a certain pressure is applied to solidify the mixed straw raw materials. After the molding is completed, a new rod-shaped straw charcoal can be obtained, that is, a simple production process of straw charring.

In the current stage of development, the implementation of straw carbonization technology for straw crops is a transition from a new extensive economy to a conservation-oriented economy. The carbonization of waste straw and other crops not only improves the comprehensive utilization of resources, but also eliminates the cost of burning straw. The hazards and pollution of pollution have increased the economic income of farmers.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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