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Analysis of the working principle of machine-made charcoal machine

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Carbonization is an important part of machine-made charcoal. The carbonization process is the core of the manufacturing technology of machine-made charcoal. It's like building a building. Good raw materials are the foundation of the building is the underground part. The carbonization technology in the carbonization process is the above-ground part of the building. Carbonization is divided into three stages: low temperature exhaust, high temperature calcination, and cooling. The fuel stick contains about 8% moisture when it enters the carbonization furnace, which is the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism salary rod is most afraid of damp, the moisture in the salary rod will seriously affect the quality of carbonization. Therefore, time to drain the tide is essential.

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Tide time is essential. The moisture discharge time is generally 10-15 hours for earth kilns and 2-3.5 hours for machine-made kilns. The long heating time can prevent the moisturizing rod from cracking and ensure the quality of carbonization. When the furnace temperature rises to 300 degrees, a large amount of combustible gas can be produced in the furnace. In theory, three cubic meters of methane gas can be produced per catty of raw materials. These gases can be used to heat up the furnace. Discharge the heat source available for drying above 400 degrees for the heat preservation and calcination stage, and need to be sealed. Oxygen-free closed fire can be used for spontaneous combustion or water cooling.

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