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Importance of smoke-free operation of charcoal machine

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Can the charcoal machine be smoke-free during operation? What do you need to do to make the charcoal machine smoke-free when it is produced? This editor will talk about how to make the charcoal machine smokeless. In recent years, the benefits of charcoal machines in the machinery industry are well known, and the benefits it brings to us are also considerable. So now more and more people want to do this business, but if they want to do well, they must To understand the details of this industry, if you want to open a mall that belongs to you, you must first understand the mall. Then what should we do before doing this industry?

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For a newcomer who wants to open the market, the first thing to do is to look at the problem of skills. After all, we are just beginning to touch this business, so for a newcomer, there is a big challenge. Skills are not good for production. If the products are not good enough, we will not be able to attract many customers collectively to support our operations, so on the whole, we have no way to compete in this market.

But judging from the problems we are facing, there are also plans to deal with. If you want to do this business, you need to find a reputable manufacturer, and then go to learn from the experience and find a way. After all, it is to find a strong and well-funded one in the same industry. When you are not up, you can ask him to take you to find out. He is your stepping stone to enter the charcoal machine equipment industry, and then you have to work hard and try to find the customer collective that belongs to you, so that the product is good. Now that you have your own customer group, are you still worried about no interest at all?

The problem now is that the polluting link only occurs in the carbonization part, that is to say, the carbonization furnace. Earlier, people used earth kilns to burn charcoal, because the immature flue gas of the technology is not well emitted, and a lot of smoke is generated. As the country pays attention to environmental protection, the carbonization principle of mechanism carbonization furnace and earth kiln is gradually developed, but the smoke exhaust system is improved to find a space for the discharge of smoke. And after technical research, the continuous carbonization furnace developed, which is also a good house name, is environmentally friendly, smokeless, fast carbonization, simple operation, uniform carbon powder, high carbon content, and low ash content. It is also a good material for activated carbon. The continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of carbonization equipment that integrates gasification and drying. The flue gas produced can be recovered and used. The characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving have become a highlight of investors' attention. The editor above remembers that the editor mentioned some of the problems of using traditional earthen kilns to burn charcoal. In fact, the production of traditional charcoal has extremely severe damage to our country’s forest resources. Our country has set out from the height of sustainable development and formulated a number of protection and improvement measures. Eco-environmental laws and regulations completely prohibit the deforestation of natural forests, strictly prohibit the use of natural forest kilns to burn charcoal, and vigorously support the use of agricultural and forestry waste to produce charcoal.

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