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Advantages of Straw Charcoal Making Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-06-30
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Straw charcoal making machine can take sawdust, wood, rice husk, coconut shell, corn straw & other woody material into briquette, which can be used in boiler, heating & warming. After carbonization, the briquette will become charcoal, used in BBQ.

Advantages of Straw charcoal making machine:

1. Fast carbonization-Adopting burning free kiln technology, Tongli straw charcoal making machine can be continuous worked for 24hours and the production sites can be changed.

2. High yield-For a set of charcoal production line, the annual output can reach 300t, 1000t, 15000t, or even 3000t.

3. Less maintenance-Charcoal making machine is only needed to maintain once every six months.

4. Low power consumption-The Average power consumption of each set of charcoal production line is 3.5 kW / hour.

5. Easy to operate-The charcoal making machine can work within 3 days after installed well. The nice charcoal products can be made through two simple operations.

6. Stable product quality with high profits. Annual output 300t Charcoal Production Line can make 150,000YMB profit.

Straw charcoal making machine saves time and effort. As a professional charcoal making machine manufacturer, We always provide cost-effective charcoal making machine for customers and constantly improve after-sale tracking service . Welcome all friends to visit.

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