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Air-flow Type Carbonization Furnace Specify

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Air-flow type carbonization furnace Introduction:

Energy-saving carbonization furnace is our newest product with 3 patents(200610017704.5, 200630100340.8, 200620031713.5), and adopts advanced hot air carbonization process technology which greatly increases carbonization ratio (increased from about 88% to 99%) and shortens the carbonization time and shows the features of easy operation, higher safety and efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Air-flow type carbonization furnace features:

Air-flow type carbonization furnace increased the flue gas recovery unit based on the original carbonizer,can get clean smokeless after flue gas recycling,the recycled gas can be used to heating,

Cooking just like liquefied gas,also can be used for the drying machine.

1.Production sustainable;

2.Closed cooling;

3.Carbonization temperature is adjustable;

4.High heat transfer high wear resistant composite material form efficient carbonization chamber;

5.All gas return furnace combustion use no exhaust pollution.

Air-flow type carbonization furnace advantages:

1.Environmental protection is the most:used all the gas separate out,Combustion exhaust gas can be discharge ;

2.with standard level;

3.The carbonization time more shorter:carbonization time just within 4 hours.


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