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Airflow Carbonization Furnace Gurantee Charring Quality

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Airflow carbonization furnace, not only it has best carbonization effect and shortest carbonization time, but also it can collect wood tar oil and exhaust gas. After processed, this gas can used recycling fuel. Also it is no any open fire, totally dry distillation, the carbonization temperature can be controlled and adjusted, the highest temperature can reach 800-1000 °C

After extruded from the rod machine, the carbonization of rod materials can be 3 steps: low temperature damp exhaust--high temperature calcination--cooling. Before carbonization, the rod has water content about 8%, which would be a big problem of carbonization/charring since the moisture will seriously affect the charring quality. So the moisture removal time must be guaranteed, which needs 10-15 hours for kiln and 2-3.5 hours for mechanisms kiln. Long heating time can avoid rod cracking caused by moisture, and guarantee charring quality.

When the furnace temperature reaches 300℃, there are large amounts of combustible gases generated in the furnace. Generally speaking, 3m3 methane gas can be generated from 0.5kg rod materials, which helps to heat the furnace. Or use the gases as drying heat for dryers. The temparature for calcination is above 400℃ and the furnace must be sealed with anaerobic closing fire. The cooling can be spontaneous cooling or water cooling.

After carbonization, first keep ventilation of the charcoal kiln(carbonization furnace) to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. The charcoal should be placed outdoors more than 8 hours to complete cooling.

We design airflow carbonization furnace by our own innovative ideas, innovate airflow carbonization furnace, improve design process, greatly improved the production capacity, thus provide cost-effective airflow carbonization furnace and professional technical guide to our customers.

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