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Analysis of Charcoal Investment Feasibility

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2017-07-19
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1. Rich source of raw materials:

(1) Forestry residues: sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, twigs, straw and so on.

(2) Agricultural residues: rice husk, straw, corn cob, bean stalks, sorghum stalks, cotton stalks, cotton shell, leather sunflower, peanut skins and relatively hard straw like.

(3) Industrial residues: furfural residue, roasted glue residue, sucrose slag. These residues are generally have been thrown overboard, and some manufacturers even have to spend a lot of money to solve the waste disposal problem, which is not only a kind of natural resources and a serious waste of social wealth, but also on the natural environment of a kinds of pollution.

2. Social obvious: You can replace the original charcoal charcoal, which saves wood, effective protection of forest resources, but also to ease the pressure on the original charcoal demand. Engineering, agriculture, forestry production and recycling of residues, the only solves the problem of environmental pollution, and improve the level of environmental protection, but also enable enterprises no longer need to spend energy and financial resources to solve the problem of waste disposal. On the contrary, can create benefits for the enterprise, turning waste into treasure, creating social wealth.

3. The economic benefits: China is in a period of economic development, as a result of uneven economic development, south than in the north with a large amount of carbon, the southeastern coastal economically developed areas with charcoal greater than Northwest. Generally in accordance with the purchase price of 15-25 yuan / cubic meters of raw materials used to calculate the cost of the mechanism of carbon per tonne of about 800-1200 dollars. Domestic market retail prices vary from place to place, about 2000-3000 yuan / ton; export prices in the 3000-4500 yuan / ton. To produce 60 tons of plants to count: deduct rent, transportation and other expenses, the domestic charcoal at least 800 yuan per ton of profit per ton of carbon export at least more than 1300 yuan per month profit. Even under, the export of each half of the production volume of at least $ 60,000 a month gross profit.

4. The production process is simple: simple rods equipment operation, easy to learn. Carbonization technology uphold the essence of thousands of years of Chinese folk kilns, according to the experience of actual production plant for many years I taught, aided by modern temperature control equipment, within a few days you can master the method of operation throughout the carbonization process.

5. Environmentally sound production process:

(1) No waste: no access to water resources in the carbonization process, not to mention the waste water pollution;

(2) No waste: the entire production process utilizes waste production, all products can be sold according to grade, no waste generated;

(3) No emissions: rods and carbonization process produces only water vapor and similar emissions of smoke, no substantive environmental pollution.

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