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Bamboo Charcoal is Superior to Machine-Made Charcoal

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Bamboo charcoal is machine-made charcoal using bamboo as raw material. Bamboo charcoal is superior to machine-made charcoal using sawdust as raw material, whether from appearance or quality.

Bamboo charcoal fired in medium temperature will make steel tone. Ordinary machine-made wood charcoal’s sound is far inferior to bamboo charcoal. In hardness, take 40cm bamboo charcoal and machine-made wood charcoal for test and let them fall to the ground from a height of 2 m. The appearance of bamboo charcoal is good; Machine-made charcoal broke into three pieces. Bamboo charcoal has flatter cross-section.

Through the simple test, we can easily find that bamboo charcoal is superior to machine-made wood charcoal. No matter fired in medium temperature or high temperature, the burning value and burning time of bamboo charcoal is superior than machine-made charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is superior to machine-made charcoal, and the price of bamboo charcoal is much higher than machine-made charcoal. So using charcoal machine make bamboo charcoal is a superior investment.

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