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Carbonization Furnace Creates Renewable Resources

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Charcoal from ancient times has a long history, the use of charcoal also played a great role in life, in order to be able to get high-quality charcoal, we buy charcoal charcoal equipment in the production should be very careful to consider investment, machinery market The speed of change, especially in the modern market demand continues to expand, consumer demand for goods is also increasing, the production of charcoal charcoal equipment to the efficient, automated direction to enter. Charcoal in the past life is only a small role, only by the use of life as a heating and as a fuel to use, and later people found that the role of charcoal is very powerful, but has not been unearthed.

Daily use of energy sources of mineral energy and plant energy and other three kinds of energy. Wood and other plant energy due to regeneration and re-attract the attention of the world. Timber is used as fuel since ancient times, the shape of the wood is irregular solid, resulting in difficult to adjust the combustion process, not easy to burn completely, low flame temperature and ash and other shortcomings. Therefore, the use of wood and other renewable plant energy can be converted into easy to use liquid or gaseous fuel, is an important part of the development and utilization of wood gasification and liquefaction, will be in order to achieve this purpose means.

A new generation of carbonization furnace in the past are the use of wood to produce charcoal and charcoal, and now the country to promote environmental protection, in order to be able to save energy resources, the latest research and development of the factory environmental protection carbonization machine equipment can be used to produce biomass materials Quality charcoal, China's agricultural production resources are very rich, the production of charcoal wood is the best raw materials, but the lack of ecological resources, we have to find from their surrounding areas can replace wood to produce high quality charcoal raw materials. 

After years of development of the carbonization furnace is to be able to make full use of ecological material raw materials, but also through the environmental protection of carbonization machine to produce high quality charcoal. And the biomass straw is very high ignition rate, the system is not less than the effect of ordinary wood charcoal effect. Our environmental protection carbonization machine equipment is also based on the current production environment, this equipment in the production work has played a role in environmental protection and energy conservation. 

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