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Carbonization Furnace Process

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Carbonization Furnace Process:

1.One stove could match with 2-3 inner pot to enlarge the capacity 2-3 times.

2.For each inner pot, from the briquette into charcoal, it takes about 6-8hours.

3.After carbonizing the first circle,the inner pots will put out and cooled outside. Then putting another inner pots into the furnaces.

4.Only to ignite the first furnace, and the airflow produced by it will be enough to supply the next furnaces. During this process, no smoke is released, and the hot air can use recycled which is a good way to save time and energy.

5.And the furnaces are equipped with the lifting crane which can help you to put and discharge the inner pots and charcoals easily.

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Carbonization Furnace

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