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Charcoal Is The Necessities of Life

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People often use charcoal barbecue, due to its smokeless, calorific value, long burning time, therefore, more and more get the favour of people.

Charcoal with countless holes, these holes can adsorb all kinds of material, so, people use it as a desiccant. When wet, charcoal absorbs moisture, when dry, it will give the absorbed moisture out, thus well play the role of moisture. In addition, the charcoal also can eliminate the odor and harmful substances in the room, etc.

Charcoal porous can not only needed to leave the root water storage, can also improve the soil permeability and drainage, to provide a good living space, are beneficial to the plant of microbial so in flowers and trees potting soil mixed into 5% - 10% of charcoal, can provide the growth of healthy environment for plants.

Today's decorating ideas have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, natural, healthy, and humanistic characteristics. Decorative charcoal, has appeared in some families.

Charcoal can help preserve food, use it as a deodorant on the refrigerator.

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