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Charcoal Machine Go Hot Because Of The Market

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2012-03-15
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Charcoal Machine Go Hot Because Of The Market, Zhengyang Charcoal Equipment sales to a climax, with charcoal machine to look for business as long as manufacturers you can do very well, zhengzhou zhengyang charcoal machine factory is a production mechanism of charcoal machine raiser.

Straw crusher description:

Straw crusher used for crushing peanut shells, branches, bark pieces. Straw crusher can do with multi-function crusher, the equipment has aspiration device, no powder pollution. Has the low temperature, noise is small, the efficiency high characteristic.

Straw hammer-shape pulverizer and name mill, the straw crusher as charcoal machine equipment equipment can be crushing corn straw pole, skin, beans, peanuts stem, cotton bar etc can burn crop waste stem. Avoid these crops straw burning in vain, very good protection of the environment, effectively develop the renewable energy. Straw crusher reliable in performance, simple operation, convenient. The production of raw materials widely straw crusher, can adapt to corn straw, peanuts pole, skin, bean sticks, cotton bar etc can burn crop waste stem and branches, leaves, bark, etc.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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