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Charcoal Machine Production Process

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Charcoal machine is the raw bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, corn on the cob, sawdust grinder crushed into 10mm of granular machine dryer drying after forming into the carbonization furnace charring. Production of charcoal in the charcoal density, small size, flammable alternative to firewood and coal.

The product is particularly suitable for the northern region fall and winter burning kang heating, greenhouse warming or for the ordinary life of the fuel. Charcoal machine full set of equipment, including a system of rods, carbonization furnace, dryer and other equipment.

An active role in the traditional charcoal production, the destruction of forest resources in China is very serious, and our government from the height of the Sustainable Development formulated a number of policies to protect and improve the ecological environment and regulations, a total ban on deforestation of natural forests, and severely restrict the use natural forest the kiln burning charcoal, policy support, giving strong support were introduced policy document on the use of agricultural and forestry waste production mechanism charcoal.

Charcoal machine production processes: material crushing, drying, rods molding, carbonization main equipment: crusher, dryer system of rods, carbonization furnace. Including rods machine and dryer, is to create a mechanism charcoal special machinery. Dryer automatically cutting again drying, the exhaust port is not channeling material discharge port spray material nature whereabouts for four rods machine production automatic temperature control system of rods can always adjust the rod density, this technology not only to ensure out stick the quality. Twigs, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural doing as raw material, after crushing pressure, increasing the frequency molding instead of traditional coal, so called "straw coal. It is a new kind of fuel.

Charcoal machine production and processing procedures: material chaff cutter cutting or grinding with a grinder, material grain length and water content in the specified range: feeder (belt conveyor) or artificial materials evenly sent to the spout of the top of the molding machine, compression molding is finished. From the source of raw materials to fuel flow: material recovery → guillotine the cut → on material automatically go metal → suppress output → forming → → cooling → ​​Transportation → civilian small → biomass power plant boiler.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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